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Zhonghong Sanrong is a whole industry chain ecological circulation agriculture and animal husbandry industry group, which integrates breeding chicken, chicken hatching, broiler raising, food processing, feed production, import and export trade, and is jointly invested by Zhonghong Pulin Group and Xiamen International Trade Holding Group, the world's top 500. With the development mode of broiler whole production chain from farm to table, it provides a career and wealth platform for millions of farmers and consumers, and also provides ecological safety food.
The production scale of the Group ranks first in Hebei Province and has seven major production bases, which are located in LUANNAN COUNTY of Tangshan City, Shanhaiguan district and Qinglong County of Qinhuangdao City, high tech Zone of Chengde City, Xuanhua District of Zhangjiakou City, Huailai County and Wuqiang County of Hengshui City, respectively. More than 100 million broilers are processed annually, 300,000 tons of chicken food and 800,000 tons of feed are produced. It is the first food export enterprise in China that has obtained export qualification to Russia, registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan and registered with the General Administration of Customs of China. It is a famous brand in China. Its products sell well all over the country, and export to all the countries along the belt and the countries and regions such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Macao.
The food safety management system based on GMP and SSOP has been established in all the production enterprises of the group. The system has passed the certification of HACCP and ISO22000 management system, and realized the whole process control of production and traceability of product quality. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tons of frozen, frozen, deep-processed and other safe food can be produced. It has been awarded the title of provincial key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, high-quality products in Hebei Province, famous brand products of small and medium-sized enterprises in Hebei Province, high-tech enterprises, leading enterprises in poverty alleviation and development in Hebei Province, and famous trademarks in Hebei Province.
Zhonghong Sanrong will adhere to the mission of "rooting in agriculture, countryside and farmers, integrating thousands of families", uphold the management concept of "safety, quality, health and nutrition", establish more factories and corresponding supporting industrial chains, rely on a broad global vision and professional management, and strive to become the most trustworthy food brand and world-class agricultural food enterprises. Industry.

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